The second we stop searching, I know that it will come. When we're truly in the moment, there's nowhere to run.





film/tv Production:casting/writing/indies



Lisa Marie DiGiaicinto was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After completing her degree in Commerce, she left for Calgary, Alberta where she studied Acting for Film and TV.  After being nominated for a Rosie Award for Best Alberta Actress for her work in "Deadwalkers", she happily packed up and left for Hollywood North to pursue her Acting career.  As an artist with a business background, she quickly got involved in other aspects of film and TV, including, writing, casting and production.   Always looking for ways to build her craft, she loves to get involved in indie film and hugely supports local and international film competitions. As well as experience in Commercial Voice Over and experience in Radio promotions and Broadcasting.  Loving Vancouver for it's inspiration for the arts and an active lifestyle, she finds solice in singing at open mics around Vancouver, and doing Yoga, all types of dance and fitness classes and jogging the beautiful Vancouver Seawall.