for a full list go to my IMDB page 



Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce/ Bravo

Landing the role role as a friendly and sassy waitress had her grateful for all those years of working at restaurants while pursuing her acting career.

Travelers/ Netflix

look for Lisa playing a sassy and seasoned flight attendant with eric mccormack on travelers!  airing fall of 2016.

Van Helsing/ SyFy

LOOK FOR LISA PLAYING jennifer, flesh's loving wife on van helsing- the new vampire series AIRING FALL OF 2016.



You, Me, Her/DIRECTV

Lisa had some fun on this playing the seductive abby, a hipster art teacher, in the new comedy series you, me her.



The Flash/CW

As a newscaster, lisa got to use her broadcastig chops!

The Unauthorized Full House Story/Netflix

Watch closely, you will see her playing AMerica's sweetheart in 1990: Paula Abdul!! What an honour, a blast from the past and a ton of fun! 

The Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die

You can't miss Lisa playing the lady in Red, Kathleen evans, the tenacious journalist people love to hate. 



Restless Virgins, Lifetime

Secratary to a high society private highschool. basEd on a true story.

Garage Sale Mystery, Hallmark

Lisa plays a bargain hunting college student.



Supernatural, CW

What fun on this set, lisa is playing the distraught widow, debbie freiling, opposite the three leads in an investigation for her husban's killer... with an unexpected outcome. best. wife. ever. 

Arrow, CW

Lisa plays an attractive woman who is invited to a special dinner paty with Arrow's family.

Duke, Hallmark

Lisa gets to play on set with a super puppy :)  Watch as she plys a VET TEch who assists in bringing this sick dog back to health and eventually, bringing their family back together.